Alexia’s Legacy – Make a Plan

She was tragically taken from us, but her legacy lives on.  Every few weeks we will share excerpts from the book.


From Alexia’s Journal: I dream of a very productive week! I will give my undivided attention to my work and get well ahead so I can have a FUN, RELAXING weekend in College Station.



Today was a smooth transition back into work and classes! After work and class, I made a plan for this week and got some RA work done. I got a workout in and am now off to bed!

Have a wonderful rest of the week!



Lesson: Make a Plan.

Leaders make plans. Many people romanticize leadership as the charismatic person who just naturally knows what to do next. Although the “fly by the seat of your pants” and “instinctively know what to do” type of leadership might exist, it is not very common. Leadership can be as simple as being the person who takes time to make a plan. To be a better leader start by thinking about the big picture and taking time to organize your tasks and priorities so the next steps are clear. As the “organized person” you could become the de facto leader because you won’t be overwhelmed by the hundreds of swirling options. If you take the time to group or categorize those options and create a plan you can help get the team started.

Many people believe they are not the most organized person on the team. As a leader, your plan may be as simple as finding the most organized person and working with him or her to help you organize next steps and actions, prior to the team meeting. In other words, make a plan to recruit help in making a plan.


A few other benefits of being an organized leader:


  • Your team will have more confidence in someone who is clear on next steps.
  • Your team will become more cohesive as they accomplish small tasks together on the way to a larger goal.
  • Your team will begin to work independently as they create successes with your short term plan and can begin to visualize the long term potential.


Opportunity: Make a Plan for Your Next Team Meeting

  1. Pull your list of goals and priorities from the previous chapters.
  2. Brainstorm a list of actions you should take to reach those goals.
  3. Put the list in sequential order. What has to happen first before anything else can be done? What has to happen second? For items that don’t have a natural sequential order, but them in order of priority. Largest priorities first.
  4. For each action, write down the name of the person on the team who would be the best leader for that action. Who has the most interest or relevant experience and knowledge?
  5. Take your plan to the meeting and offer it to the team. Ask for volunteers and recommend the people on your list. Explain to the team why they would be best suited for the role.


Opportunity: Make a Plan for Your Week


  1. What are your goals and priorities?
  2. What do you have to accomplish or attend to this week?
  3. Put time on your calendar for each activity.
  4. Color code the activities by level of importance.
  5. Remember to leave open time for the unexpected.
  6. Follow your calendar and see how much you get done.


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