Alexia’s Legacy: Start Strong

She was tragically taken from us, but her legacy lives on.  Every few weeks we will share excerpts from the book.

“I never knew Alexia but now I will never forget the lessons I have learned from her within the pages of this book. Like so many others, she has now touched my soul as well.”  5 Start Review from Julie Baswell


Lesson #24 – Being Organized Helps You Start Strong

First Day of the Semester


Today has been quite the day! Besides a few morning sessions and opening the hall today, I gathered and prepared all my books and materials for the semester, signed up for the March 3rd GMAT, and signed up for the June 9th LSAT. I am feeling pretty good about today!

I just finished journaling and am off to get some rest before what will hopefully be another very productive day tomorrow!

Talk to you soon!



Lesson: Being organized helps you start strong.

The next time you start a project, school semester, or job, you can walk in flustered and worried or you can take the time to prepare and organize so that you begin strong and confident. Take some time to do a little research and planning up front. Clarify your priorities and what you want to get done on the first day. Start with a rough outline of what you want to accomplish in the first week. Rather than worrying and fretting about what you don’t know, make a plan around what you do know. Make a list of questions you need answered or a list of topics you want to learn more about. Getting organized will help you start with confidence and curiosity. It will help you approach new adventures with strength and leadership rather than fear and trepidation.

You can’t eliminate the fear of the unknown in a new setting. You can only build confidence in your ability to face it and survive. The fear is there to help your body prepare for the unfamiliar. It is a signal that you are doing something exciting and outside of your comfort zone. Get organized to help reduce the fear and set you on the right track, but don’t expect or even try to eliminate all your fear. Embrace it and let it motivate you to become better.

Opportunity: Don’t wait for a new job or a new semester. Monday is the beginning of a new day. Get organized so you can begin the week with confidence.





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