Alexia’s Legacy – There Will Be Chaos. Learn to Roll with It

She was tragically taken from us, but her legacy lives on.  Every few weeks we will share excerpts from the book.


Sorry! I thought about that this morning. We have had a program going on in the hall all week, Assassins, and every evening there have been discipline things to deal with… They are getting way to crazy and disobedient with the rules! That is preoccupying some of my time combined with a big midterm I took today and the big project due next week, I have been scatter brained and falling asleep as soon as I sit in bed! I have even fallen asleep before getting to my journals, or even while studying, a few of these past nights. I have still been sleeping seven to eight hours and getting my exercises in. I usually am able to squeeze some extra me time in on top of what I have scheduled weekly, but this week I haven’t found much of that extra time. 

Otherwise things are going well! Just staying VERY busy! 

Hope all has been well with you! How did your meetings with Wayne and Marty go?




As a Resident Assistant for an on-campus dorm, Alexia and her team had to be available for whatever might come up with students who are fighting through the pressures and challenges of making their grades, figuring out who they are, and deciding what they will do with the rest of their lives. Many of the most dramatic events occur in the middle of the night and there is not an opportunity for planning.


Hey Ray,

Unfortunately, I had to deal with a missing person situation for quite some time tonight. I just wrapped up writing my report for housing and am finally able to lay down for bed! I did have some me time today and some exercise time. I did my journals and am off to bed. Good night.




I had to deal with more crazy on call situations tonight so I am just getting to bed but I did get a nap today and some me time so I’m feeling pretty good and pretty refreshed!




Unfortunately some RAs were dealing with two different students in crises/upset student situations tonight. Because of those, I am unfortunately just now getting showered and ready for bed.

I will update you more on my meeting with Professor Staff and her advice for my career going forward on Monday when we meet.

Have a good night (or I should say morning!)





Today I had plenty of rest and me time to help hold off the cold that I have been feeling coming on. I am now all done with on call stuff. Hopefully I won’t have any more pages in the middle of the night!




You already got a brief overview of the RA staff meeting and the meeting with the pre-law advisor. Everything seems to be in a better/more hopeful situation than before, so that’s a plus! I can give you more details and we can talk through an action plan on Monday.

A bit of devastating news tonight… My laptop gave me issues turning on last night and when I called tech support tonight they said my lap top is no longer under warranty. They were able to tell me what the most likely issue is, the motherboard, based on my description of the problem and advised me to get it checked at a Best Buy to confirm the issue. Downside is they no longer make my laptop so even if I can confirm the issue, parts probably are scarce and potentially costly, if even still available. The whole situation will put a strain on my always staying productive between classes and commitments, but I will have to find a way to make do until I can resolve the issue!… Yet another curve ball and life lesson in learning to be adaptable!

I also got some exercise in today so between it all, I have had about all my energy sucked out of me for today! So, I am off to finish my journals, crash, and sleep in a bit tomorrow morning!

Have a good night and I will talk to you tomorrow!




Lesson: There will be chaos. Learn to roll with it.


“I am sorry to say so,

but, sadly, it’s true

that Bang-ups

and Hang-ups

can happen to you.”

Dr. Seuss

No matter how well you plan or how organized you are; the chaos of life can and will interfere. Our computer breaks down, our car won’t start, or someone on the team doesn’t deliver as promised. When these challenges arise, you can worry, scream, and stomp your feet; or you can calmly assess the situation and determine what to do next. You can focus on the disruption and challenge or you can focus on getting back on track. People want to follow leaders who are calm in the face of new challenges and unexpected roadblocks. They want leaders who have or can create a Plan B without having an emotional meltdown. They will look for you to remain confident, adjust, and adapt, so they can remain confident and flexible. As a leader, accept that unexpected challenges will disrupt your best plans at the worst times. Take a moment to feel the frustration. Then quickly consider the impacts, evaluate your options, and create a list of next steps. Stay calm and quickly adapt to those challenges. The chaos of life is going to happen. You can let it ruin your plans and your day, or you can adapt and change, and be happy anyway.

Opportunity: Evaluate how well you are adapting to the chaos that interrupts your plans.




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