This can help everyone. No, really, EVERYone

It’s too easy, especially today, to blame others for problems, covet other people’s success or lifestyle, or in general, shun happiness in favor of complaints and discontent. Luckily, this book makes it even easier to break out of those habits and start focusing on what you do have and can have rather than what you don’t.I’ve never read a more accessible or widely applicable book, that more ably puts ownership in the reader’s hands. Practical, straightforward, personal, and memorable. I repeat, helpful to everyone.

Highly recommended!

“Success doesn’t lead to happiness, happiness leads to success.”

It’s an odd concept. Let’s face it, it’s an unspoken rule in society that if we want to “succeed” in life, we need to work as hard as we can and do whatever it takes- and, hopefully, happiness will come afterward.

But that’s not exactly true. Author Ray White explains that happiness is not a destination, it’s a way of living. It’s also a choice; one that, when implemented, can help to catapult us into success with our business, our family, and our relationships.

In Connecting Happiness and Success, you will learn proven habits and techniques that will teach you how to be happy first, and then use that happiness to achieve even greater success down the road.

The book is divided into seven sections, with the first four explaining how you can be happier, and the final three teaching you how to become more successful. It covers topics such as learning the difference between happiness and pleasure, tips for taking control of your life, the power of gratitude, and how to be more mindful in our actions. You will also learn how happiness (and stress) impact your health, as well as those around you.

Packed full of exercises, charts, and tables, this book is an interactive guide that is both easy to follow, and simple to implement. I loved how the methods are customizable to suit your individual desires and goals, and found a lot of the concepts to be utterly fascinating. Connecting Happiness and Success is a great resource for anyone who is looking to improve an aspect of their lives, whether work, family, relationships, or simply to get more enjoyment out of life. Great for established or aspiring business owners, this book will help you put together a plan for success through happiness, instead of putting your happiness on the back burner. Highly recommended!

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

Moments of Happiness

I’ve never been much into reading “self-help” books. Actually I’ve never finished one until now. I’m a happy person, what could I glean from this book? However with each page I turned I found myself wanting to read more. I found myself thinking “that’s funny, that’s exactly what happens to me” and ” I never thought of it like that before”.
I’m a teacher. My happiness comes from watching my students be successful. This book showed me that’s fine, however there are so many more aspects of my life in which to be happy and successful.
I loved the tips given throughout the book on the simple things you can do to create happiness within and around yourself. Those small things make a big difference and they are easy to do.
Although this book will help you understand, prioritize and put into perspective how to help yourself be successful in your professional career, for me it went in another direction as well. How I can be more successful as a husband, dad, brother and friend.
Happy reading.

This review is from: Connecting Happiness and Success (Amazon)

You should do small things every day that eventually lead to milestones of success during your lifetime

This is a guidebook for learning how to live happily as well as being successful. Its goal is to help understand how happiness and success are connected, and provide specific actions to take to achieve them on a daily basis.

It is generally thought that success brings happiness. The truth is that happiness should come first. Both are intertwined and the actions you take to make yourself happy will inevitably bring you success. Culture conditions us to chase success and to fight through being unhappy, rather than make happiness a daily habit.

You should do small things every day that eventually lead to milestones of success during your lifetime. You must learn to take control of your life, build positive relationships, and identify your own higher purpose. Once you define what success means to you, and prioritize your actions to achieve it, all that’s left is to implement the discipline to get you there.

I like the way the author broke each step down, and listed tasks to do. It was very easy to understand. I feel like I have a road-map for my own achievement now.