Happiness Hack #58 – Add Bright Colors to Your Life

Research has shown that adding bright colors into your life can make you happier. Specifically both men and women were happier when they were exposed to bright blues and greens. The theory is that we evolved to appreciate bright blue skies which signify great weather and beautiful days. Research also showed that being exposed to bright colors can improve your memory and reaction time and well as increase your confidence.

Culture and fashion trends have brought more blacks and grays into our lives as we try to be more serious and professional. But these dull colors combined with dreary winter months can lead to feelings of sadness and depression without us realizing why.

So add bright colors, specifically bright blue into your life. Paint a wall with bright colors or wear brightly colored shirts or socks. Put a bright blue picture in your office and spend 2 to 3 minutes looking at it each day.

Expose yourself to bright colors and you will be happier.


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My Passion is helping people become successful and happy. I have found that many people want to be successful but just don’t know how. More importantly, people want to be successful because they feel that reaching some success pinnacle will result in them becoming happy. The research and my experience has shown that just the opposite is the case. Success does not lead to happiness. Happiness leads to success.

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