$100 Rocks

Happiness Hack #12 – Prioritization

How To Prioritize Your Day – $100 Rocks

Part of being happy is feeling productive and that we can make a difference each day. In order to make a difference we need to make sure we complete the tasks most related to our accomplishing our goals.

One method of prioritization is $100 Rocks. As an analogy, picture two rooms. One is filled with rocks and the other is empty. Every day, in order to reach our goals, we have to move as many rocks from the first room to the second room as we can. Every rock has a number on it, from $1 to $100 that corresponds to the impact that rock will have on achieving our goals. If we can only move 5 rocks a day, we want to make sure they are the rocks that most help us reach our goals. We can go into the first room and pick up 2 $5 rocks, 2 $25 rocks, and a $30 rock. Now at the end of the day we have moved 5 rocks and made $90 of progress toward our goals ($5 + $5 + $25 + $25 + $30 = $90). The other option is to pick out 5 $100 rocks. This time we have moved the same number of rocks and made $500 of progress toward our goals. We are 5 times as productive. The fastest way to reach our goals is to take a few extra minutes to pick out the $100 rocks. Once the $100 rocks are gone, we pick out the $99 rocks, and then the $98 rocks, etc..

So what are $5 rocks and what are $100 rocks? It is up to each person to define what will have the most impact on achieving his goals. But some of the lower-value rocks may include reading non-essential email, answering texts or instant messages, playing games on our phone, surfing iFunny, Facebook, or your digital distraction of choice. Some high value rocks include your relationships, your health, your career, and that big project you have been procrastinating about, and anything else that will make a difference in someone else’s life.


Write down a list of things you have to do today. Give everything on the list a rocks size.   Make sure your top 3 rocks are done first. Every day find your $100 rocks and do those first. Then you can spend the rest of the day on your lower value rocks.

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My Passion is helping people become successful and happy. I have found that many people want to be successful but just don’t know how. More importantly, people want to be successful because they feel that reaching some success pinnacle will result in them becoming happy. The research and my experience has shown that just the opposite is the case. Success does not lead to happiness. Happiness leads to success.


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