Don’t Make New Year’s Resolutions – Schedule Prioritized “Me” Time

Rather than making three or more New Year’s resolutions that will be difficult to remember in 6 months, much less keep; try scheduling 15 minutes per day where you are the priority.

We all have the best intentions when we make our New Year’s resolutions.  They are often areas of our lives we have always wanted to address but never seem to find time for.  We are busy with the craziness of life moving from one urgent matter to the next. School, work, kids, bills, and fifty other commitments absorb our time and willpower.  Soon we look up and a whole year has gone by and we were just never able to get around to it.

So, instead of making lots of promises to ourselves about how this year will be different, schedule 15 minutes every morning where you are the priority. We can all find 15 minutes somewhere in our day.  For 15 minutes work on something that makes your life better.   If you want to go on a diet, then spend that 15 minutes creating a menu for the day or preparing your meals.   If you want to exercise more, spend that 15 minutes putting on some tennis shoes and walking down the block.  If you have a hobby you want to try, spend 15 minutes on the Internet buying supplies or finding a quiet place to work each morning.

The key is to recognize that you and your goals are a priority.  You deserve time to improve your life.  It is best to start early before your energy and will power get sucked up by all of your other commitments. Once you have successfully found 15 minutes every day for a month or more, you can extend it to 30 minutes or an hour.

You are important.  Prioritize time for yourself so you can connect happiness and success.

“As we are now living in an eternity, the time to be happy is today.” – Unknown

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