Happiness Hack #39 – Prepare for a Quick Start

Minimize Activation Energy


It takes more energy to get started then it does to keep moving. If you are going to work out, it takes extra energy to wake up early; put on your workout clothes, socks, and shoes; grab any other accessories or equipment you might need; and then get to the gym or workout location. Once you have started your workout, much less effort is needed to keep it moving.

So they key is to make preparations that reduce the amount of Activation Energy required. Have your gym bag ready to go. Schedule the exact time you will leave for the gym. If you are changing your eating habits, plan your meals at the beginning of the day or week. If you consistently plan ahead, in about 30 days it will become a habit and you won’t have to think about it. You will naturally be able to overcome the Activation Energy required to start that activity.

Prepare for a quick start and you will be more likely to succeed and happier about the results.




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