Alexia’s Legacy: Lesson #49 – Ask for Help

She was tragically taken from us, but her legacy lives on.  Every few weeks we will share excerpts from the book.



Sorry for no email last night. By the time I was done with on call stuff, I passed out!

Monday while at work, I talked to my boss about being overwhelmed with everything going on, and he was very helpful. He said that school comes first and if I ever need to take a half day or day off, not to feel bad about it.

Yesterday, with classes being cancelled, I took some time to sleep in and decompress in the morning. Then I went straight to studying and was productive most of the day, taking breaks to keep myself from wearing out.

Today, the world has cut me some slack! I talked with Rachel and she told me to miss after hours next week and the career fair the following week. She also suggested that during the last hour of presentation each week I step out and study since they are all topics I have heard before. In addition, I found out one of my exams that was scheduled for tomorrow is getting pushed back to Tuesday since we didn’t have class yesterday. That takes a little more pressure off of tomorrow!

On a side note, scorecards are due next Wednesday so I will take some time this weekend to get mine up to date and email it to you to see what changes you would make to it.    

Thanks and talk to you soon!



Today, in addition to all my other daily activities and schedule, I met with Professor Ellis and got her perspective on my future career path. We will have a lot to talk about come Monday! Hope you have a great Friday!



Today I talked to Rachel and the remaining SDs about the new SD situation. It looks like we are headed toward bringing them on board fully!

Also, today was the career fair. We got an early start on recruiting and even gained some new possible mentors/sponsors for the program!

I just finished an assignment due tomorrow at noon and, ironically, when I opened my email, I saw my professor emailed me that there have been some issues accessing the online assignment and we now have 24 extra hours to complete it… I may have stayed up longer than planned to complete it but at least I am ahead now!

Overall it’s been a good day!

Have a wonderful night and I will talk to you tomorrow!




This morning I slept in a bit, did a little workout, and then headed off to class. During office hours for PLP, Rachel, Billy, and I had a good conversation about some issues that need to be discussed with the Student Directors. We will be having that conversation tomorrow so hopefully we will see some improvements moving forward! Otherwise, I have just done some homework and worked desk this evening. I’m now off to bed!

Talk to you soon!



Since I saw you last today, I had a great meeting with Roy and learned a lot about the structure of the GMAT and how to go about tackling it, and I also got some advice for looking at which schools to consider. It was extremely productive!

I got home just in time for the GA at the hall and then had some friends time with Suzanne watching one of our favorite tv shows to watch together. We haven’t had much time for the two of us this week so we got to hangout a bit and catch up! It was a great way to end the night!

Thank you so much for everything you have done to help me out both personally and professionally. I can’t imagine this semester without you as my mentor!

Talk to you soon!



Lesson: Ask for help.

Unfortunately, as much as we would like to, we can’t do everything ourselves. We need others to listen, give advice, and help. As a leader we are tasked with using all of our resources to accomplish the team goals, and that especially means reaching out to the people around us. You will be more successful as a leader if you can get outside input and advice. Seek out other leaders, mentors, and experts in various fields. Keep an active list of people you can call and turn to when you are facing difficult challenges. Match their expertise to the challenge. Find out what they know about the situation or how they have handled similar situations. Listen to their advice. What kind of perspectives can they offer that differ from yours? The wider your group of advisors, the more success you will have. Seek out mentors and advisors. Share your challenges and ask for their advice. They will usually be pleased to help.


Opportunity: Make a list of friends and advisors you can reach out to for help and wisdom.


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