Happiness Hack #49 – Count Your Blessings

Spend 10 minutes counting your blessings. Don’t stop writing until the 10 minutes are up. Most people get about 7 to 10 items on their list before they slow down. Keep thinking until you have over 100 items on your list. Most of us have a lot more to be thankful for than we realize. We take for granted the simple things in our lives, like a bed to sleep on and running water. A job, a car, and a home are all blessings that many people in the world don’t have.

Become aware of all the blessings in your life and you will be happier.


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My Passion is helping people become successful and happy. I have found that many people want to be successful but just don’t know how. More importantly, people want to be successful because they feel that reaching some success pinnacle will result in them becoming happy. The research and my experience has shown that just the opposite is the case. Success does not lead to happiness. Happiness leads to success.

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