Building Trust with Employees

To build trust with employees:


  1. Start in the interview process
  2. Share the things that hurt
  3. Show them
  4. Live your values


  1. Start in the interview process – when you are hiring share the bad about the company as well as the good. Tell them what you have to work on and improve and why some people are not happy here. You want new employees to stay. If they make a decision with all the facts, good and bad, they are more likely to stay and they will trust you for being honest with them from the beginning.
  2. Share the things that hurt – don’t just share good news. Share bad news, like losing key employees, losing key clients, or missing numbers, and ask the teams to help with solutions. Employees know enough about what is going on to understand when you are leaving out the bad news. They will lose trust and make up their own stories which are most likely worse than the real situation. They won’t receive the benefit of your plan and leadership, if you don’t tell them the situation and how you will approach it. They will also miss out on vital training to help them handle the same kinds of challenges as managers.
  3. Show Them – Show them you trust them by letting them make decisions and own important parts of the culture and the business. Provide guidance with vision and values and let them figure out the rest. Employees trust executives that trust them. Show them respect and appreciation.
  4. Live Your Values – Don’t spout values that you don’t live on a daily basis. The quickest way to lose trust is to say you value employees or clients and then to talk badly about them or treat them badly. Trust comes from observation of actions not verbal communication. Live what you preach or don’t preach it.



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Positive Company Culture Reduces Workplace Stress

Guest Blog from Michael Rose author of ROE Powers ROI

There are so many stresses when it comes to work: co-workers, bosses, salary, and even commute. How can employers take some of the burden off of their employees and limit some of the common stresses? Workplace culture is the key. The culture of an organization is the “why” of the organization, and if the culture is a positive one, many workplace stresses are minimized or can even disappear.

Below are some workplace thoughts for employers to keep in mind:

Provide purpose in the workplace: Let all of your employees know exactly what they mean to your company, and how they provide value to you. If employees not only like the work culture, but know where they fit in that culture and how to add to the overall culture, employees will look forward to work and feel less stress.

Give your employees a voice: Put your leaders in direct contact with the front line of your business, and encourage them to do more listening and less talking. Doing so will allow them to understand all of the inter-workings of your company, and will empower your workers to weigh in on out-dated processes and what isn’t working.

Hire the right people: There are always those people who hate where they are and are just an overall negative influence on fellow employees. Make sure you avoid hiring these people in the first place. Take the time to find the right people to fill the roles you need. Find employees that have personal values that align with your company values. Individuals like this will be a good fit, and not find it difficult to live out and contribute to your company’s purpose.

Invest in your employees’ development: Don’t just micromanage your employees, set up mentorships and micromentor. Doing so will show your investment in your employees, give you a level of control in how their skills are developed, and will empower your employees to better do their jobs with confidence.


Michael Rose is the Founder & CEO of Mojo Media Labs (, an inbound marketingagency in Las Colinas, TX. Michael is also a speaker and author. His book; ROE® Powers ROI ( – The ultimate Way to think and communicate for ridiculous results is centered around professional development and employee engagement.

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