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Ray White has written an amazing and profound book that can transform your life for good.  In Connecting Happiness and Success: A Guide to Creating Success Through Happiness, he shares a ton of insight, research, and mini-stories to express the importance of recognizing what happiness and success really mean to you.  Connecting Happiness and Success gripped me from the first few lines.  White wants you to ask how diligently seeking success can potentially bring you tragedy and death instead of happiness and joy.  He repeated this concept in the first few pages, and I believe it is well worth repeating it here: “Success doesn’t lead to happiness.  Happiness leads to success.”  Profound!  Moving through the seven concepts in the book you will travel along a path that can help you create your own personal happiness, which will ultimately lead you to your personal success.

Connecting Happiness and Success is more than just a book.  It can be your mentor, your guide, or even a catalyst to take control of your life.  Within the wonderful activities Ray White shares throughout the book you get to define what happiness is for you and craft a plan to create your own personal happiness and success.  White’s book helps you recognize, release and remove stress and tension in the pursuit of success and happiness in your life.  You can even learn ways to interweave a level of personal control into areas in which you previously believed you had none.  This is a must read book.  Well-written, insightful and full of wisdom, I simply loved it!

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