All Profits benefit the Alexia Ardeleanu Memorial Fund


Learn lessons about leadership and life through the real-life examples and experiences of Alexia Ardeleanu. She was tragically taken from us by a drunk driver, but her legacy lives on. She had a 4.0 GPA in a double major of Accounting and Finance, was preparing for a double Masters of Law with an MBA, worked as a Resident Assistant in the Honors Hall, had an internship with a Fortune 500 company, and was President of the Professional Leadership Program at the University of North Texas. Through Alexia’s personal emails and stories from people whose lives she touched, you will see the challenges, obstacles, and opportunities leaders face in real life. Each leadership lesson includes a real life example, a summary of what can be learned, and an opportunity for you to integrate it into your own life.


Profits benefit the Alexia Ardeleanu Memorial Fund. Help us preserve Alexia’s memory so her example can shine through for the rest of the world. You can donate at


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