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Does Your Organization Have Clarity?

Clarity: it guides every aspect of your company from employees and daily activities to investments, long and short term decisions and virtually every facet of the organization.  Without it, success will be minimal. We often see leaders in organizations that believe their purpose is clear; however, in many instances, it is only clear to them.  […]

Communicating in the Virtual World

guest blog by:  Wayne Irwin   With the ongoing evolution of technology, virtual offices and teams are becoming more prevalent in organizations.  This provides a great level of flexibility at both an organizational and personal level.  At a personal level, technology allows employees to work remotely and have a more flexible schedule.  Organizationally, companies can […]

Happiness in the Workplace

Happy employees enhance the overall performance of an organization.  However, studies show that only 1 in 5 employees (20%) actually report being happy at work.  So that means that approximately 80% of employees are unhappy at work and therefore, negatively impacting the performance of your business.  Companies are now beginning to recognize the changes in […]