Moments of Happiness

I’ve never been much into reading “self-help” books. Actually I’ve never finished one until now. I’m a happy person, what could I glean from this book? However with each page I turned I found myself wanting to read more. I found myself thinking “that’s funny, that’s exactly what happens to me” and ” I never thought of it like that before”.
I’m a teacher. My happiness comes from watching my students be successful. This book showed me that’s fine, however there are so many more aspects of my life in which to be happy and successful.
I loved the tips given throughout the book on the simple things you can do to create happiness within and around yourself. Those small things make a big difference and they are easy to do.
Although this book will help you understand, prioritize and put into perspective how to help yourself be successful in your professional career, for me it went in another direction as well. How I can be more successful as a husband, dad, brother and friend.
Happy reading.

This review is from: Connecting Happiness and Success (Amazon)

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