Pleasure vs. Happiness edited 9_25_13

The first concept in connecting happiness and success is understanding the difference between Pleasure and Happiness.   Are you chasing immediate pleasures like sex, decadent foods, couch time, and video time, or are you nurturing relationships, maintaining your health through diet and exercise, finding ways to improve yourself, and being thankful for what is working in your life.  The pursuit of pleasure involves feeling good in the short-term, and if overdone, creates a risk of negative long-term outcomes; the pursuit of happiness consists of intentional activities and habits that promote long term health and well-being.

Many people mistakenly chase pleasure believing they are chasing happiness.  They often end up unhappy and confused.  They become victims of the Hedonic Treadmill where they experience pleasure and then the feeling fades, they do more icons-01to experience more pleasure, but then the feeling fades.  No matter what level they take their pleasure to, it only gives them short term joy, and they eventually end up back at the same level of happiness as where they started.  By distinguishing between pleasure and happiness, we can help people find something that lasts.  A happiness they can call on in good times and bad.  We can help them get off the Hedonic Treadmill and create habits that can productively lead to the happiness they are searching for.

Video from our workshop on Connecting Happiness and Success:

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