Alexia’s Legacy: Every Goal Needs an Action Plan

She was tragically taken from us, but her legacy lives on.  Every few weeks we will share excerpts from the book.

Alexia’s Goals August 2013 with Action Plans


Professional Learning and Development Goals


Action Plan


Goal 1: Make a decision about whether to go CPA/JD or JD/MBA


1.    Meet with counselor to discuss academic feasibility.

2.    Meet with 7 professionals to gain input and perspective

3.    Speak with top 3 law schools to see if credits will transfer from MA to MBA or JD


Goal 2: Evaluate my relationship with McKesson to be able to decide their role in the rest of my college career.


1.    Can I work and maintain my 4.0 GPA

2.    Do they have a place for me in the spring?

3.    Can I make enough money to meet my budget goals


Goal 3: Gain a better working knowledge of LinkedIn


1.    Meet with Rachel

2.    Study Linked-in Presentations

3.    Build my profile



Personal Goals


Action Plan


Goal 1: Improve work life balance techniques


1.    Create Scheduled “Me” time. 1 hour – 3 times per week

2.    Exercise. 30 minutes – 4 times per week


Goal 2: Maintain 4.0 GPA


1.    Study at minimum 3 hours per day


Goal 3: Create a working budget


1.    Meet with Student Money Management Center



PLP Goals Alexia Helped Set as Leader

Professional Leadership Program Action Plan

Goal 1: Develop stakeholders; students, mentors, and faculty


1.   Improve class offerings

2.   Member/Mentor Review program

3.   Recruit new majors to PLP

4.   Increase involvement of Faculty


Goal 2: Create a family-like culture


1.   Create engagement opportunities outside of normal meetings

2.   Focus on clusters

3.   Increase mentor involvement


Goal 3: Create communication that supports connections and relationships, and exemplifies our brand


1.   Thank you letter process

2.   Post events on social media

3.   Encourage stakeholder involvement in media sites

4.   Create Student Director bonding time


Lesson: Every goal needs an action plan.

Once we set our goals, we need to build and implement an action plan that will get us there. Most importantly, we always need to know our next step. Notice that several of Alexia’s goals were related to making decisions. Her plans related to how she would collect the info she needed to make those decisions. The plans also had multiple steps so there was a clear path to accomplishment. Create a plan for each of your goals. Clarify the steps in your plan, even if those steps include brainstorming next steps. One of the keys to goal accomplishment is understanding that it is more important to visualize the steps it will take to get there than to visualize accomplishment of the goal itself. Focus on your action plan and always keep your next step top of mind.

Opportunity: Create Action Plans for Your Goals


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